Openflow BPM

Ligthweight Process Management System that will help you a gain better visibility and control over your company's processes

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Better Process Management

OpenFlow offers a simple and user-friendly digital application process. It allows to visually define all aspects of the business processes including electronic forms and workflow charts. This makes it possible to interact with processes through the whole lifecycle using website or mobile devices.

Case management, communication, monitoring and evaluation in the same system

With OpenFlow, it is easy to build web forms for data collection. Our administation module opens up a range of functionality that helps you build forms for data collection. The form can be filled in over time and the applicant can establish his application - save data - and send it in when it is 100% ready.

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Beautifully simple

Gorgeous windows oriented administration panel is very intuitive and let you arrange your workspace easily to your preferences. Built-in security defines an access to a range of modules based on users roles and responsibilities. 

Monitor your company from wherever you are.

Openflow has dedicated mobile apps that allow you to monitor and interact with key processes right from your mobile device


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