The City of Copenhagen portal is the largest and most reliable source of information dedicated to all residents.

The portal reminds and facilitates its citizens with many important issues related to their daily lives, such as online signing up children to schools and crèches. It promotes ecology by encouraging people to take care of the environment. It mobilizes citizens to actively participate in many great cultural events and civic initiatives. It gives valuable tips for jobseekers as well as those who wish to fulfill their own business dreams.

The project contains several web applications. It consists of a content management system with authorizations for editors  who are responsible for the article sections appearing on the portal. Residents have the opportunity to post small announcements or express their opinions. Discussions are divided into thematic topics, most often related to articles. All modules are built in such a way that the administrator has the insight and ability to approve and block the submitted content.

Not only we have constructed the portal but also we have implemented the Openflow platform in the City Hall of Copenhagen. The platform has optimized electronic management and documentation flow associated with applications for permission to organize urban transformation projects. Openflow provides an overview of the issues - either those that are active or in the process and those which have already been released. Openflow guarantees that documents are appropriately described and categorized, moreover, the system has been programmed to move documents in a structured manner.