Our product - Openflow Platform

Openflow is a flexible tool for modeling the most demanding business processes. This powerful package of tools enables organizations to increase efficiency significantly by improving every of following aspects: productivity, time savings, communication, information management, and more. The tool is constantly evolving and upgrading, so customers with every new deployment get access to new updates.

Business management has never been so intuitive, and its effects - so profitable.

The post-deployment studies show that thanks to Openflow implementation the productivity went up by 85%, the companies generated 75% of time savings, and the view of the application process has been improved by 69%. At the same time, about 66% of employees were happy to acknowledge that work was clearer and more accurate, and 63% said they were surprised to use less time to gather additional information.

Confirmation of quality and professionalism is the fact that Openflow succesfully passed restrictive tests and has been qualified to the Danish Science and Technology Park - Founders House ( http://foundershouse.dk/ )