Along with Openflow, TREFOR has acquired a platform that provides the Foundation's secretariat with personalized applications' lifecycle support and convenient tool for communication with applicants.

The program supports the electronic circulation of documents concerning applications for subsidies energy field. The Foundation collects reports through a special function that automatically closes the access to the reporting module based on the selected date range. After the deadline for submitting applications, they are sent to the TREFOR Advisory Board, which processes them based on the set of criteria. The application module is optimized to incorporate the unique design of the TREFOR website.

The Openflow system is a secure place to store documents that have the proper access rights to ensure that they reach the right people. In addition, the program increases productivity by improving communication and reducing the time spent on document circulation in the unit, lowering the operating costs, and eliminating any confusion.


One of the few cutting-edge retailers in Denmark and abroad. It offers a wide range of services connected with Selling and installing solar panels, geothermal heating systems, electrical installations, water and sewage, ventilation, fiber technology, automation, air conditioning and refrigeration. TREFOR has a dedicated Foundation to support development, education, health, cultural, business, green energy projects, etc. The Valuation Fund supports the objectives selected each year by the Advisory Board.