"When you love what you are doing, you won't have to work another day in our life"

It turns out that it doesn't have an English or Polish counterpart. Coincidence? Unfortunately not. Fortunately, this situation is slowly changing. There are companies like MOVO that every day prove that they can work smarter and ... more effectively. And that they can achieve spectacular success. We don't hide that we intensely derive inspirations from Scandinavian lifestyle. So when you come to us, you will quickly notice the three elements that clearly distinguish us from competing IT companies.


First of all - arbejdsglæde, a  completely different, typically Danish philosophy of work. In short: we work as much as we need to make the project a success. Exhaustion from overwork? Overtime? We don't know these concepts. What counts the most is the efficiency and passion that emerge where smart team management and exciting projects are occurring.

Secondly, hygge, which allows us to celebrate joy in everyday life in the circle of people with whom we get along without words. Hygge is a nice little things that affects the feeling of happiness and fulfillment. According to this philosophy, we arranged the workplace space. Thanks to that, every team member can feel comfy and make oneself at home.

And thirdly the lagom, that means, looking for a work-life balance. It's the lack of a dress code and anything that would make you feel uncomfortable and restricted. And company events. Because the cooled out employee is worth it's weight in gold;)

The mix of these three elements makes working with us a pleasant time in a circle of friends. Anyway, just look at our values ​​to come to the same conclusion:

People above all
First of all, people
People create a company
Company is people
Cooperation and relationships
Have we already said that the people are the most important?