The Beru Company provides Internet portals for private companies and government agencies. We support Beru in developing and maintaining their own 'Go Basic' IT system .

What is Go Basic?

Go Basic is an extension of Umbraco, a well-known content management system developed by Beru. Go Basic is a tool for page editors. It makes it easier for them to make changes. It is much less complicated to use and has more features than the standard version of Umbraco.

Why did Beru choose the MOVO?

Beru is a young and dynamic company. The principle of its operation is based on two pillars. Firstly, they employ only the best developers. Second, they try to simplify communication with clients as much as possible.

In 2016 Beru faced the challenge of rapidly expanding the team with experienced developers. Searches were also made outside of Denmark. After analyzing all the options they choose to start cooperation with Movo. We have won not only because we have excellent experts on board, but also because of the same time zone and very good airline links.

What was the challenge?

It was a great deal for us that Beru provided websites not only for private companies, but also for government agencies. The possibility to add yet another brick to something so prestigious has given us a lot of fun and even more satisfaction.

Beru's collaboration with MOVO

We only needed one month to deliver Beru three-people team of Umbraco's developers. Since the beginning of cooperation (which, incidentally, continues till today), our Gdansk branch has worked on both improving and servicing many existing projects and implementing new solutions.

The frosting on the cake :)

Our success is not only that the cooperation with Beru continues to this day. This company is so pleased with our efforts that it has decided a substantial portion of its programming work to move to us!