The Danish Water Technology Development Fund needed a flexible and straightforward application process that  allowed it to completely abandon its traditional paper-based form of application.

Openflow in this role proved to be excellent. It gave employees full control over the information, eliminated the disorganization of work and completely eliminated the time spent on the burdensome search for lost documents.

Only at the beginning of the Danish Fund's activity, in the autumn of 2011, 155 applications for financial support were submitted. All requests were seamlessly delivered through Openflow. Candidates automatically received an email acknowledging the application and instructions on how to proceed.

Openflow supports both accepting and rejecting decisions. Representatives of selected projects may log on to the system via the website to report their results. Members of the commission, after logging in, can view the applications together with the attached documents, give them an individual symbol, and comment on them. The secretariat follows the progress of the case and sees how far the work of each commission's member has gone.

The fund has processed over 800 applications using Openflow. The platform increases productivity and reduces the time needed to find the importnat information to manage your business.

About the VTUF Foundation

The Danish Water Technology Development Fund was established in 2009 and, as the name implies, supports projects that increase efficiency, quality of supply and technology in the water sector. In addition, the fund's important task is to collect, communicate, develop knowledge and experience on priority issues at both national and international levels. All activities undertaken and solutions contribute to the protection of the environment.