With a great pleasure (yes, because our work constantly gives us a lot of satisfaction), we will support your company in technologies in which we are real experts.

Looking from the outside, one could think we are playing with building blocks (yes, exactly as the Danish brand). We combine knowledge from various IT fields and create complex solutions. From web portals, dedicated business applications, mobile applications to integration with leading ERP systems.

Internet portals

Umbraco CMS and Sitecore CMS are world-proven content management systems that, in the hands of skilled developers, transform into reliable platforms for publishing information and offering users a range of online services.

Web applications

The use of proven technologies plus the unlimited imagination of our developers, results in a recipe for web applications that will allow your company launched upon the high seas of international business.

Business processes

The implementation of business process modeling tools contribute to lower costs, improves operation quality and its speed. 

Mobile applications

Yes, it's truism, but the world has never been so mobile. We'll help you master the world of mobile apps. Your products will always be at your fingertips. 

Google cloud