If you already have set goals and detailed project specifications but you run out of time and employees to bring it into action, we are here to help you.

The fixed project model is ideal for you if your developers already have their hands full and you have another project waiting. If you can’t take on the risk burden of creating a new permanent team of developers and managing the next project, this model is a perfect option for you.

We will deliver the product according to your concept and model within specific time and budget. We take responsibility for the project delivery using our in-house experts and offer our help to improve your concept and create the best software product, which fuels your business

All you need to do is to deliver product specifications, budget, deadline and give us a green light, nothing more. Sorry, you will also need to do one more thing – accept the final product.

Do you know why we achieve such spectacular results? The secret lies in the Danish word “arbejdsglæde”, which can be translated to "being happy at work".

Happy employees are more innovative, and innovative companies reach goals that are beyond the reach of their competitors.